Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things that Drive Me Nuts

Here are some things that drive me nuts, in no particular order.

Bold predictions. They are almost always wrong and are based on emotion and delivered with hyperbole. Does anyone still watch Morning Joe? 

People on TV and radio who are paid handsomely to make bold predictions. It doesn’t pay to point out the obvious and say tomorrow will bear a striking resemblance to today. Say good bye to talk shows.  

Reductionists. Because for them, everything can only be seen from their own limited point of view. No real progress is made without synthesis, says Hegel and I.

Dogmatists. They are as myopic as reductionist, but less intellectual. You’ll have to pry my crazy notions about reality from my cold, dead hands. 

Anonymous comments. The perfect format for angry dogmatists to be smart asses in public. Anyone can be a mean-spirited nobody at the key board.

Naysayers. If naysayers were all that humanity had to offer, we would still be roaming ancient plains with head lice and pointy sticks. This isn’t working; should we try something different? Nay.

Extroverts. Thank God I find the time to get away from them, or I’d go really nuts. Meaningless conversations with many strangers makes my head hurt. Thank God for alcohol.

Anti-intellectualism. Please, your life would suck without all the great, deep thinking that has gone into building a society in which you are free to hate people because they are better at thinking than you. Don't trust no one who might know more about something than me.

Sadists. Or, people who get high on being mean to others. They can be ignored and openly disdained, until they are appointed to a position of power. You want a hit off this man? No thanks, I get my kicks from being a prick. By the way, hippy, you under arrest and sentenced to twenty.

Fear-mongering, hate-bating political hacks. They are experts at coming up with non-solutions to non-problems. Anti-intellectuals adore them.

Tattoos on face. No one should ever do that, unless your name happens to be Mike Tyson. He can do that.

Rants. Oh wait — this is one.

What really drives me nuts? Mostly me.


  1. Does anyone still watch Morning Joe?

    I once thought Mika was a smoking hot babe. For me she had that naughty mom look as if she fantasized about every boy her daughters might bring home, sort of MSNBC's version of Mrs. Robinson.

    As I watched the show I found out she is an extreme prude, sort of a bummer but add that to Joe's monumental ego and I stopped watching the show.

    The bad thing is that compared to the other morning news shows they were the most intelligent.

    1. Ha! That's true about Mika. Keen observation. Instead of watching Morning Joe I just sit on the back porch and stare at the sky every morning these days.